Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Me My Self And Blogspot

All about me, myself, my blog and my online earnings.

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I have done some experiment on earning online lately and I would like to share some tips on how to maximize your omline earning. The result from my experiment is you can quadrupled your earning with just 1 link. I will show you how right now. These are 4 links that hottest right now and I have joined and make money with them. 1add, Webtrafficblasters, Linkbee, TrafficNowFire and of course you should have a PayPal account.

First : 1add
You sign up 1add, with 1add you will earn commission #1.00 every referral that sign up under you.

Second : Webtrafficblasters
You sign up webtrafficblaster and promote 1add link here. With webtrafficblaster you will earn $0.10 every visitor that visit your link.
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Third : Linkbee
Join Linkbee. Linkbee is a site that you earn money with your link. Now cloak your webtrafficblaster url here.

And finally : TrafficNowFire
Join TrafficNowFire, this site will drive a lot of traffic to your link / site. Now promote your url that you have cloak at Linkbee here. With TrafficNowFire, you also can earn money with voting and view member's link. Similar to TrafficNowFire is VineFire.
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Now you see how you can earn more money with just promoting 1 link. If you are lucky, you can tripled your earning or quadrupled your earning in one day but based on my experience, I can earn double and sometimes tripled. All you have to do is spend 1-2 hours a day promoting your link at TrafficNowFire.

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